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Best Overseas Education Consultants In Chennai

Destinations Across the Globe for Best Education

Start Your Overseas Education Journey with Reya. Explore more about the most preferred international study destinations by Indian Students.



Australia higher education is known to be cost effective and high in quality compared to its counterparts around the world.

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The essence of education in Canada is the fusion of educational excellence with interaction and collaboration.

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United Kingdom

United Kingdom is probably the most sought after destination for international candidates for higher education.

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Ireland universities and colleges are fast becoming a popular choice for students across the globe for their quality.

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Over the past decades, the USA has been the most sought after destinations for higher studies by candidates based in India.

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New Zealand

New Zealand is considered one of most safest and affordable destinations for higher education in the world.

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Destiny For Your Overseas Education

Overseas education is the dream for many students these days. Even parents are very enthusiastic about sending their kids to study abroad for a promising future. So, students must take the proper assistance and guidance regarding the courses and universities abroad. Of course, from the overseas consultant! Reya Consultancy, one of the best study abroad consultants in Chennai, plays a vital role in providing assistance and helping students for filling the application forms and other paper-related work with proper legal advice. We help our aspirants by guiding them in choosing suitable universities, countries, and programs. 

Studying abroad is an augmented experience where students learn about their culture and traditions, which helps them enrich their personalities. Hence, we at Reya Consultancy, the best educational consultants in Chennai, actively coordinate with our students and the respective universities to secure your admission.

Career counselling:

The foremost reason you need an abroad education consultants Chennai is to get the proper career counselling for your overseas study. Reya consultancy has the best-trained consultants guiding our students with various overseas programs and courses. We explain step-by-step the process and the programmes, its futuristic scope, and job opportunities. Hence, our professionals give our students comprehensive guidance on a career which helps to choose the one that works for them.

Taking The Decision:

Choosing the right university or college for one's education abroad can be challenging. Similarly, it is hard for a student to know the openings and related admission process independently. Hence, this is where a consultancy comes into play and suggests the students with various opportunities available at international universities. We also inform our students of their timelines for admission to the concerned universities. Therefore, Reya, one of the UK education consultants in Chennai, will help you make the right decision within the required timeline.

Guidance On Scholarship:

Studying abroad is expensive for students when they wish to learn in a well-developed country. Thus, managing finance becomes one of the major tasks for students. Accommodation, living, travel, and medical costs are some expenses that students have to go through. Hence, it is essential that students have to look into international universities that offer programs with scholarships based on merit or need. Some universities also provide co-op programs that allow students to work while studying.

We are the best overseas education consultants in Chennai, facilitating the students by easing the scholarship process where they can identify the one that suits their needs and apply for the same. We have a decade of experience in this field which we have nurtured through various partnerships so that students can avail of scholarships at the earliest and concentrate on their studies effectively. 

Assistance In SOP:

When applying to study abroad, the most important thing is to fill out the Statement of Purpose (SOP) form. This is the most crucial aspect of your application for international universities, as they ask you to submit this statement which expresses your intent to study overseas.

Most students think SOP is an essay and fill it out just like that. However, the SOP is the first introduction you have to the university selection panel as an applicant, which speaks about your interest, intent, and goal that encouraged you to take the particular program.

It is a known fact that every top university asks for this SOP form to improve their competency level in a particular field. We at Reya, one of the top overseas education consultants in Chennai, assist you with SOP writing after thoroughly understanding your intent and goal of overseas education.

We at Reya consultancy review your content, evaluate, and suggest changes to make your application most suitable for the international university admission panel.

Financial Arrangements:

As mentioned earlier, studying overseas is not only a matter of education but also comes with huge expenses for accommodation, living, tuition fees, and many more. At Reya, one of the Australia education consultants in Chennai has covered you by providing a loan facility. We have partnered with various banks to help and handle all your financial requirements. Through our partnered banks, the loan can be tailored-made per the student's needs, where some want their tuition fees to be covered while others ask for partial fee payment. Hence, at Reya Consultancy, we manage and suggest the best way for your finances to overseas education.

Assistance In Visa:

Needless to say that various immigration laws govern every country, and getting approved for a travel visa is one of the most challenging tasks in the entire process. Hence, Reya foreign education consultants in Chennai are well-versed in immigration laws up-to-date and help our students by suggesting the most successful way of visa processing. Our work for successful visa processing is done by understanding your position in India, applying for the visa, and suggesting the most effective ways to strengthen the visa process.

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