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Study in Australia


Australia is the most popular destination for international students for higher education after USA and UK. Australia higher education is known to be cost effective and high in quality compared to its counterparts around the world. Australia is one of most popular choices for higher studies today among Indian students as well.

Top Universities

Australia has eight of the top 100 universities in the world. Employers and institutions all over the world recognize alumni from Australian universities. The Australian education system is effectively regulated by the Australian government to maintain competitive standards of education. The teaching system in Australia delivers practical and career oriented skills to their students.

An Excellent Education System and great living conditions

The Australia education system is rich in different courses of study. Business administration, graphics design, Engineering and Science are popular courses in the universities of Australia. Pleasant living conditions with cheerful climate and diverse culture is a big plus in the country. Australia also offers post study Visa up to 3-4 years. One can take up part time jobs for up to 40 hours in 15 days on college days, and full time during vacation. Australia also offers Simplified visa rules and PR options available for students post study.

Employment Opportunities

The universities provide support for placements in Australia itself after the course ends. The opportunity of getting placed depends on the type of Visa that one had enrolled in. Getting a job in the Australia also heavily depends on the grades that are scored.

Study in Canada


Canada is a top destination for international students and those seeking career developments abroad. It has a highly vibrant and practical educational environment. One will not only acquire knowledge and skill in a particular field, but will also learn how to articulate and demonstrate creativity, and develop their career.

The essence of education in Canada is the fusion of educational excellence with interaction and collaboration in the classroom level. The Universities in Canada offer career focused programs with applied research focussed at solving real time industry problems. Its reputation in education is based on quality and recognized for distinction across the entire education sector.

Top Ranked Study Destination

Canada is ranked as one of the best places in the world to live by United Nations on a regular basis. As an international student in Canada, one can enjoy the same rights, rules and regulations which cover citizens of Canada. Canada’s largest cities (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal) are regarded as world class cities with state-of-the-art facilities around the world.

Canada has one of the world’s top and advanced qualities of education system. The universities are recognized internationally and boast a range of subject areas that are diverse in nature.

International students can avail one year post study stay in Canada on successful completion of one year of study. Also, they can avail three years of post study stay on completion of a two-year course.

Study in UK


The United Kingdom includes four countries mainly – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is probably the most sought-after destination for international candidates for higher education, especially in the field of management and economics. A large number of international students choose the UK due to its excellent education system and opportunities to build careers after the course. We at Reya Consultancy, the best UK education consultants in Chennai will help in getting you enrolled at the UK’s reputed university to take your career to the next level.

Education System

The education system in the UK is rich in different programs of study. Business Administration, Science, Medicine and Economics are popular topics of study in the universities of the United Kingdom. Higher education degrees earned from the UK are recognised globally and are top choices by leading companies all over the world. Higher education in the UK allows international students to reach their goals and reach new heights in their career through their education quality which is highly rated in the world. The education quality of the UK education system is high and best because of the checks done by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The QAA is an association that operates independently to regularize and assess the education quality of various UK universities. It also ensures that students get the best quality of education in terms of learning, researching, and teaching, irrespective of their courses. The Reya foreign education consultants in Chennai will help you in reaching the right university where you can gain enough knowledge for a bright future.

United Kingdom offers candidates two years of extended stay for study duration of one year.

Employment Opportunities

The universities provide support for placements in the United Kingdom itself after the course ends. The chances of getting placed depend on the type of Visa that one had enrolled in. Getting a job in the Uk also depends on the grades that are scored. Universities will provide you with plenty of opportunities to enhance the qualities and skills that are required to be successful in one’s field. The top sectors where the students can get placed after completing their graduation or post-graduation are engineering, healthcare, HR professional, accounts & finance, marketing, marketing, IT, and advertising. The UK has the largest labour market in the world because of their high-standard education system and high-paying jobs. Hence, it has become one of the popular destinations among immigrants and welcomes more international students to work and stay by making them skilled. So, why are you still waiting for the opportunity where you can get help from Reya UK education consultants in Chennai to get enrolled in a top university and get placed in your land of dreams.

Top Universities in UK

You can also study at the top university suggested below with the assistance of Reya UK education consultants in Chennai.

  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • King's College London
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of Oxford

Study in Ireland


Ireland universities and colleges are fast becoming a popular choice for students across the globe for their quality education and top class facilities. Students can reap the benefits of the quality driven programs in the country’s globally accepted courses in Data Management Pharmaceuticals, Management and Technology. Ireland is also regarded as one of the safest countries to study and live in and is ranked the 12th most peaceful country to live in by “The Global Peace Index”.

Education System

The Irish education system is emerging as a top contender amongst the top 20 education systems in the world. The unique ecosystem of the top-notch research institutions leads a journey of world-class research opportunities and global career. The quality of the Irish education system is a major aspect that contributed to the swift rate of economic growth has over the last few decades.

Employment Opportunities

The schools assist candidates with many internships and work-study options to get useful experience and to support themselves. Ireland hosts top financial services, pharmaceutical, data science and software industries in the European hub. These top organizations offer the best job opportunities to the fresh graduates from universities.

The Irish government also assists students with a 2-year stay back option for postgraduate students after completion of a one year course. The post-study visa allows international students to search for job opportunities in Ireland or in Europe after graduation.

Study in USA


Over the past decades, the USA has been the most sought after destinations for higher studies by candidates based in India. The USA has various institutions of higher education than any other destination in the world. The most popular popular choice for overseas education among Indians, USA boasts the most flexible education system in the world. Course curriculum is tuned to the then current circumstances at all times. The country offers all the courses that one can think of and lives up to the name, ‘land of opportunities’, given its magnitude, market and value.

Merits of USA as a Study Destination

The USA is one of the most illustrious, top draw education systems in the globe. There are over 750k international candidates studying in the USA. The country is hospitable and there is a chance that one can carve out a career and reach the top of their career ambitions. America as a country has more students from the India subcontinent than any other country in the world.

Employment Opportunities

United States has the largest job and educational markets in the world. It boasts a great pool of talent and has proven their record by sailing through high-quality education and equally rewarding opportunities.

USA has the highest number of Fortune 500 companies in the world and thereby presents fantastic job opportunities post education. With over 4500+ Institutions, the country offers you quality education at all levels and thus makes you market ready.


The American higher education structure offers flexible and well thought-out course options to the candidates according to their academic needs and objectives. You can find any specialization (in MBA, for instance,) that you believe can boost your career. Education in USA offers you excellent flexibility to assist you in making the most of your career and education.

Technology and Research

According to the latest international rankings, 15 universities of USA are ranked among the top 20 in the globe. USA is one of the leaders in technological innovations and research. This ensures that the whole gamut of the education sector is very well oiled with the state-of –the-art technology and facilities.

Study in New Zealand


New Zealand is the latest destination for international students (mainly from India) for higher education. New Zealand is considered one of most safest and affordable destinations for higher education in the world.

A large number of Indian students choose New Zealand as a study destination mainly due to its low cost of living and emerging quality education.

  • Emerging destination for higher education among international students
  • Education system in New Zealand has been ranked 7th worldwide
  • Ideal place for outstanding quality of education and living standards

An Excellent Education System

New Zealand provides quality education in the fields of Information Technology, Veterinary Science, Graphic Design and marketing. The New Zealand education system is rich in different courses of study.

Graphic design and animation are very popular in the New Zealand universities. The best part of the country is that most of the courses are offered by the government-owned institutes which assure one of highest quality education.

PR Opportunity

New Zealand allows you to live, study or work for a period of three years after a year of educational program at a recognized institute. This provides one with almost all of the rights of a normal New Zealand citizen. Staying in New Zealand after your study duration will depend on the type if Visa your have enrolled on.

Employment Opportunities

The universities provide support for placements in New Zealand itself after the course ends. As of now, it is quite easy to find a job according to your profile. However, the grades will also play a role in landing you the right job.

Top universities in New Zealand

  • University of Auckland
  • University of Otago
  • University of Waitako
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